About Us


We are a team of international researchers with the common purpose of understanding the biology of the purple martins, their conservation status and promoting discussions with the population in order to protect this endangered species. We have among our collaborators people from several institutions, universities and NGOs encompassing three countries (Brazil, USA and Canada) working on multiple parallel lines of research involving the purple martins.

Institutions involved

Instituto Butantan

The Instituto Butantan is a research institution with 120 years of tradition in the development and production of serums and vaccines, and basic research in several areas related to health and biology. In addition, since its creation it houses a rich zoological collection and develops cultural activities in order to bring the public closer to the knowledge developed by the institution.

Having as its mission the promotion of human health, the study of biodiversity and its conservation is one of the fundamental aspects of the research currently being carried out at the institution, within the concept of “One Health”. Understanding health in an integrated way, involving not only human beings but the environment and other living beings, in a multidisciplinary approach, is one of the Institute’s lines of action.



Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia

The Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia (INPA) has been conducting scientific studies of the physical environment and living conditions in the Amazon region to promote human well-being and regional socioeconomic development. Currently, INPA is a world reference in Tropical Biology.

The first years of INPA were characterized by research, surveys and inventories of fauna and flora. Today, the challenge is to sustainably expand the use of the Amazon’s natural resources.


Purple Martin Conservation Association

The Purple Martin Conservation Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to mobilizing different sectors of the community – from researchers to birdwatchers – in support of the conservation of the purple martin.

It is the main conservation organization for this species in the United States, and responsible for the manufacture of nests specifically designed to serve as a shelter for the purple martins during their reproduction. Its mission is to disseminate knowledge about these birds so that the population can act actively in their conservation, considering that their survival depends on human action.


Disney Conservation Fund

The Disney Conservation Fund is committed to saving wildlife and building a global community inspired by protecting the magic of nature. Since 1995, Disney Conservation has invested more than $120 million and applied the expertise of its staff to help organizations that work with people to save wildlife encourage action and protect the planet.


Northern Arizona University

The Northern Arizona University is a public teaching and research institution in the city of Flagstaff, United States. It was founded in 1899, and has about 130 undergraduate programs and 100 graduate programs.

The university is located at the base of the San Francisco Peaks, sacred ground for Native American peoples in the region. The institution recognizes the importance and responsibility to indigenous peoples, so it has many programs, on and off campus, aimed at meeting the needs of Native Americans.


University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida is a public teaching and research institution founded in 1963. The main campus is located in Orlando, with nine smaller campuses throughout Central Florida. UCF is the second largest public university in the United States by number of students.

When founded as the Florida University of Technology, the institution’s mission was to support the US Space Program. The current name was established in 1978 with the expansion of the areas of knowledge promoted by the university, and currently offers more than 230 undergraduate and graduate courses.